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Institutional Membership

If your educational institution wishes to show its support of CAMWS by paying an annual fee of either $60 (for a K-12 school or a college or university offering a B.A. in Classics), $75 (for a college or university offering a M.A. only in Classics) or $110 (for a university offering a Ph.D. in Classics), it receives the following benefits:

You many also pay your CAMWS institutional membership by using the Institutional Membership Form and sending a check or money order to
Monmouth College
700 E. Broadway
Monmouth, IL 61462

Memberships received by March 1st for each academic year will be acknowledged in the program of the annual meeting. All memberships received by May 1st will also be acknowledged in the spring issue of the CAMWS Newsletter.

To designate your student honoree(s), please complete the on-line award designation form and submit it no later than May 1st for each academic year.

If your institution requires an invoice to pay by check, please send an email to to request an invoice.

Payment by credit card (both for your institutional membership and for up to two additional student honorees) is possible through the CAMWS web site:  A $3 processing fee will be added to each credit-card transaction.

Institutional Members Of CAMWS 2000-Present

Institutional Members 2013-2014

* CAMWS would like to welcome 1st time Institutional Members

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